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To do good as much as we can as life is so short.

Miss Najia Khan.


    I am Najia Khan the Founder & President  of  ‘’ Yes We Do Care Welfare Organization ‘’ registration number ; PSCW(S) 1355 and  official bank account number  1- 2 - 8 - 20311 – 714 – 126640 at Summit Bank . I am a social reformer and educationalist as British Council’s trained teacher of History & Geography, doing job and teaching same subjects.

    When I was a child, it was my dream to open school of poor children, as I grew up my dream grew with me.  Since last two years I am saving money from my salary and started my own N.G.O ‘’ Yes We Do Care Welfare Organization ‘’ and doing all activities in my own limited resources . I am totally self made person who is focus, professional, enthusiastic, passionate, intelligent and optimistic. As ALLAH blessed me a lot of talent so I am using all that in my mission which is my life. With the blessing of ALLAH my mission is growing world wide as ‘’ Yes We Do Care Welfare Organization ‘’ is not limited to any caste, sector, religion or country. It’s the global mission of humanity as the whole universe belongs to ALLAH. 

    Besides working on the education of poor children ‘’Yes We Do Care Welfare Organization’’ will work for the rights of special people and the homeless parents.

Founder & President
Miss Najia Khan